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Diamond socket drill HKHA

Diamond socket drill HKHA is available in our diamond tools specialist trade in Recklinghausen NRW or by shipping / express. To get an offer please fill our request form or just call us!
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  • laser welded
Diamant Dosenenker Dosenbohrer mit Absaugung Beton Quadrostein Klinker Ziegel Bohrmaschine M16 SDS AdapterDosenbohrer mit Absaugung für Beton, Quadrostein, Klinker, Ziegel für Bohrmaschine M16 – SDS Adapter möglich
Product description

Diamond socket drill HKHA short sprocket with exhaust slots for hard materials / M16 / Ø 68 - 82 mm

Diamond socket drill HKHA

laser welded socket drill with exhaust slots for DSA systems are very suitable for hard materials like lime sandstone, concrete, brick etc. Is usable on common drillind machines, SDS drilling machines and socket drilling machines.


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Available diameters (mm):
  • 68
  • 82
Suitable for:
  • Stradalit
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