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Diamond cutting disc

Diamond cutting discs

Diamond cutting discs in high quality for several materials. Suitable for the daily use of professional users.

We offer all regular diameters and sizes up to 2000 mm. Next to our all cutting discs we sell cutting discs of the brands Diewe, Nozar, Pferd, Arix etc. Wall saw and Floor saw blades for wall saws are also available.
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Diamond cutting discs categories

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Diamond cutting disc

Diamond cutting disc for concrete, diamond cutting discs for tiles, cutting disc for granite, cutting disc for anfle grinders or petrol cut off machines etc. The Variety is huge, but which is the right one? It's acutally not easy to find the suitable diamond cutting disc for the needed application area.

  • Do you want to cut in for example concrete or reinforced concrete?
  • Do you want to cut the concrete with a hand machine, like an cut off grinder / angle grinder or with a stone cutting machine?

If you can answer these questions it's of advantage to choose a diamond cutting disc which is suitable for the strenght of the material and the used machine. Let's start slowly!

Laser welded or sintered diamond cutting disc?

Cause of extreme temperatures during cuttings, the connection of the segments and the cutting core is the weakest part.There are different ways to mount the segments on the cutting core.

With a laser connection (laser welded) the connection is especially strong, cause the segment is melted with the core. Most laser welded cutting disc can be used wet and dry. The abrasion by dry cuttings is bigger than by wet cuttings.

The other opportunit is sintered cutting disc. The segment is sintered on the cutting core. Silver solder is used for the connection. This connection should only be used for wet drillings. At a specific temperature the silver solder would be liquid again.

Our recommend: Don't buy blank diamond cutting discs. It's neccessary that a use, a speed and a EU number is visible on a cutting disc, if not it's a risk for health.

Conclusion: Laser welded diamond cutting disc are more safe and have a higher life time. If you use free handed machines like grinders it's especially suitable to take a laser welded cutting disc. Sintered cutting discs are only usable with the right cooling.

Hard or soft diamond segments?

It's an error to use the word 'cutting' in the context of a diamond cutting disc. It's not right. It's more a grinding process. A segment of a diamond cutting disc is a mix of metal pouder and syntetic diamonds, which are cold pressed in shape and then get a segment under high pressure and temperature. The grinding is task of the diamond. The metal pouder has the use to hold the diamonds together.

Example: Soft diamond segment

You choose a diamond cutting disc with soft segments and cut concrete screed with it. Screed is very abrasive and has no high density. The abrasion would be very high, cause the bounding would dissapear immediately. The diamond would be released to quick and would fall out of the bounding. The result would be a high abrasion and high cost.

Example: Hard diamond segments You choose a cutting disc with an extremely hard bounding and try to cut granite. Granite is one of the hardest natural stones in the world and should be treated with a soft bounding and a high quality cutting disc. The following would happen: The cutting disc would polish or glazing after a short time. You would have no chance to cut just one millimeter of the material.Worst case: The cutting disc would be completely damaged. Rule of thumb: The harder the material the softer the bounding and vise versa! Furthermore there are a huge range of diamond cutting disc and their application areas, but if you have any questions about it just call us!
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Transverse section of a diamond cutting disc roof segment in economy quality. Transverse section of a diamond cutting disc bit roof segment in economy quality.
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Transverse section of a cutting disc with a premium segment with two diamond. One with a big titan coating - and one smaller with diamond splitters. Transverse section of a cutting disc with a premium segment with two diamond. One with a big titan coating - and one smaller with diamond splitters which optimize the cutting soeed if metal (for example reinforced concrete)

Lifetime of diamond cutting disc

A frequently asked question: "How long lasts a diamond cutting disc?" The lifetome of a diamond cutting disc is difficult to figure out. In gerneral the lifetime is indicated in m² (cutting lenght x cutting depth). The lifetime depends on the environmental conditions, the used machine, the material, wet or dry cuttings, and the skills of the users.

The quality of a cutting depends of the price
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