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Diamond cutting disc special

In this category you can find special diamond cutting discs for tree roots, wood, metal and concrete.

All our Diamond cutting discs are made out of high quality. If you have any questions please let us know.

Diamantscheibe Diamanttrennscheibe Diascheibe Universal galvanisiert Profi High Performance Trennscheibe
  • vacuum segments

Diamond cutting disc Universal GAP

Diamond cutting disc universal GAP with galvanic / vacuum coated segments Ø 115 - 350 mm

Diamond cutting disc Universal GAP These all-rounder diamond cutting disc is out of high quality with galvanic / vaccum segments.  Iron, plastics, wood concrete no problem for the cutting disc. If you have any questions, we would…

Suitable for:
  • PVC
Profi Diamant Kurvenscheibe Diamantscheibe Kurven
  • Turbo segments

Diamond curve disc

Diamond curve disc for perfect radii Ø 180 mm bore size 22,23 mm

Diamond curve disc Professional diamond curve disc for the use with an angle grinder for cuttings of curves in concrete, granite and natural stone.

Suitable for:
  • Terrazzo
Trennscheibe Holz Baumwurzeln Äste, Baumstämme root cutter hartmetall bestückt
  • laser welded

Cutting disc wood / tree root HRC

Cutting disc for wood / roots / Root Cutter / carbide fitted / Ø 125- 400 mm

Cutting disc wood / tree root HRCC This cutting disc „Root Cutter“ for wood, tree roots, trunks, timber, plywood, rubber etc. in high quality. This cutting disc is no diamond cutting disc. This cutting disc is…

Suitable for:
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