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WEKA SR65 JUMBO Core drilling machine

WEKA SR65 JUMBO Core drilling machine is available in our diamond tools specialist trade in Recklinghausen NRW or by shipping / express. To get an offer please fill our request form or just call us!
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WEKA SR 65 Jumbo Profi Kernbohrgerät Kernbohrmotor KernbohrmaschineWEKA SR 65 Jumbo Profi Kernbohrmotor
Product description

WEKA SR65 JUMBO core drilling machine rig mounted 7.500 W / 400 V / wet / 1 1/4 Zoll

WEKA SR65 JUMBO Core drilling machine

Mz name is WEKA Jumbo SR65. My motor is the further development of the WEKA DR38 and SR75 Diamond core drilling machines. Just like WEKA SR75 i got a 400 V by a capacity of 7,5 kW. I only  weigh 18,3 kg.

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Technical deatails

7.500 Watt
Ø Concrete (rig mounted)
125 – 500 mm
18,3 Kg
1 1/4 Zoll o. M33/3

SR Motor
My motor based on switched reluctance principle. My stator is very robust. My engine is resource saving, almost just out of steel and copper. I am able to hold the speed almost for the whole power range.

Keyboard and Display
With my robust membrane keypad, the drilling diameter is easy to choose. The suitable speed will be showed  on the display.

Motor Protection
I cant get overload. If i don’t get cooled enough, I am able to turn myself off.

Error output
With my display i show my operator, which error i got.

Oilbath-lubrication with oil pump
high life time. Low service.

overload clutch
My coupling protects the operator, the drilling tools and myself from a mechanical overload.

water cooling
my engine is cooled with water. The electrical safety is still  guaranteed.

metal housing 
My skin is completely out of cast aluminium. Because of it, I am really robust.

The in the microcontroller integrated hour counter let me work 250 hours non stop. After that i show my operator that i need a service.

As a Jumbo SR 65 i am not just robust i am splash-proof to IP55 as well.

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